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Benefits of Cow Ghee

Desi cow ghee is made from the milk of Indian breed desi cow. Ayurveda mentions the myriad benefits ...
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What are the benefits of Chyawanprash?

We often talk about the importance of boosting our immunity and these discussions are more frequent now than ...
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What are the benefits of pachak churna?

Ayurveda is a storehouse of the best remedies in the world. A person may experience a mere stomach ...
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6 Amazing Benefits of Triphala Churna

Derived from Sanskrit, Triphala comprises three fruits that form a prominent part of Ayurveda. Acting as herbal medicine, ...
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8 Natural Benefits of Jaggery

You must have come across several Youtubers and Fitness enthusiasts who emphasize on intaking jaggery on a daily ...
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6 Incredible Benefits Of Chyawanprash

Chyawanprash Widely known and recommended for its nutrition, Chyawanprash has far-fetching benefits. It is a carrier of herbs ...
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Akshat Bhargav


If you are looking for high-quality organic Products then Vedamrita is the best place for it.

I have bought their Ghee and its Super tasty and Yummy

Pankajaa Arya


I'm looking for fresh organic and natural products online and vedamrita is the place where my search ends.


With the advance of science, we are also witnessing the rise in various diseases more and more insecticides and pesticides are added to crops which later on eating create several diseases in the body. That's why Organic food is chemical-free and more natural for the body.