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6 Amazing Benefits of Triphala Churna

Derived from Sanskrit, Triphala comprises three fruits that form a prominent part of Ayurveda. Acting as herbal medicine, it consists of Bibhitaka, Amalaki, and Haritaki. Because of their anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties, they offer great medicinal value. Amongst the various Triphala churna benefits, the most common one is that it aids in digestion. People of every age group from children to the elderly can consume Triphala churna. It is very popular as it helps strengthen the immune system. The churna supports bowel functions, helps in eliminating toxic wastes from the body, and acts as a terrific antioxidant.

Improves digestion 

Triphala churna is a natural laxative as it improves bowel movements. It helps you deal with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. Triphala churna raises the number of good bacteria and strengthens the digestive tract. Improvement in digestive health is amongst the promising Triphala churna benefits.

Dental hygiene 

Oral hygiene is important for a healthy smile. Triphala churna with water is an effective mouthwash (with chlorhexidine) that many of the medical personnel prescribe. It prevents negative effects on the health of your teeth and the gums. While maintaining your dental health, it helps to eliminate the germs present in your mouth.

Weight loss 

Obesity is one of the common problems that most people suffer from. Those looking for alternatives to lose their weight can rely on Triphala churna. You can easily lose those extra kilograms (especially thighs and abdomen) if you regularly consume Triphala churna. Helping to maintain your health with an average weight will keep you away from high-risk diseases. These diseases include hypertension, bad cholesterol, diseases affecting the heart, and diabetes.


Patients with Type 2 diabetes are easily able to find Triphala churna benefits. The churna regulates the levels of cholesterol and blood sugar in the body of the diabetics. Bibhitaka, one of the components of the churna, contains phytochemicals that promote the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. This helps to lower the sugar levels and enhance resistance to insulin. Undoubtedly, this benefit of Triphala churna makes it a must-have for the diabetics and some scope of improvement for them.


Good eye health is important for us to see clearly. If you are looking forward to enhancing your vision, Triphala churna can prove to be the most beneficial for you. It has properties that enhance the ocular organs and protect you from varying conditions that affect your eyes, in the long term. Consider consuming Triphala churna regularly to experience the best benefits for a better vision. Many doctors prescribe Triphala water also to their patients to cleanse their eyes and maintain their eye health.

Hair & skin

Many people are well aware of the fact that Triphala churna can have good effects on the quality of hair & skin for females and males. You can consume Triphala churna that is beneficial for your hair. As it strengthens your digestive health, your tresses turn voluminous and strong. Because of its antibacterial and antifungal properties, Triphala churna keeps skin problems at bay.

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