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8 Natural Benefits of Jaggery

You must have come across several Youtubers and Fitness enthusiasts who emphasize on intaking jaggery on a daily basis. Have you ever wondered why?  Of course, because it has an ample amount of benefits attached to it, that you might not get from other kinds of food. That is why jaggery is considered under the bracket of ‘superfoods’ in today’s market.

Here, we will talk about 8 natural benefits of jaggery, that will make you incorporate it in your morning routine.

1. Liver Detoxification – This is perhaps the most important function of jaggery, that it plays a primal role in detoxifying the liver. Our liver is full of toxins due to the regular junk that we intake. By taking a bite of jaggery, you can ensure that it is doing the job of detoxifying your liver.

2. RBC Production – RBC is short for ‘red blood cells’ and jaggery plays a major role in increasing the count of red blood cells in the body of the person who intakes it on a regular basis. This invariably purifies the toxic blood and flushes out the toxins.

3. Cures Anemia – Anemia, a disease, in which the RCB count is lower than average, is a common disease. However, by having a bite of jaggery every day, you can cure this ailment. This is because jaggery increases the count of RCB in your blood and purifies it.

4. Immunity Elixir – Jaggery also plays the role in effectively boosting your immunity. It contains tons of antioxidants like zinc and selenium which prevents the breakage of free radicals, and instead accelerates disease resistance in our body. It does so by increasing the count of hemoglobin in our bodies.

5. Cure for PMS cramps – I’m sure all you ladies are relieved to hear this and are going to purchase packets of jaggery every month. Biting into a piece of jaggery has proven to reduce the cramps women experience during their menstrual period. It is even said that jaggery is essential in curing mood swings during PMS.

6. Healthier Bowel Movements – For those of you who suffer from severe constipation, jaggery is your very own laxative, a natural one. By biting into a chunk of jaggery every morning on an empty stomach, help smooth your bowel movements, and clear out all the toxins from your body.

7. Relieve Joint Pain – In case of old age is getting to you, or it is just fatigue that you are feeling throughout your body, having a piece of jaggery on a daily basis ensures that you are ridden of all kinds of joint aches. This is an effective method that old people swear by.

8. Lose the Weight – Jaggery is a rich source of potassium that has an ample amount of benefits on your body. Potassium is a great way to eliminate water retention, which is the main cause of bloating. With jaggery, muscle-building and muscle recovery become an easy process.


These natural benefits of jaggery are enough to get you purchasing packets of them. Maintaining regularity with this consumption is important to notice any kind of progress.  We hope that this guide has helped you understand the innumerable benefits of biting onto a piece of jaggery everyday.

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